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March 2016
Greatest…Realtor…Ever!!! We started our home search in April 2012. Kelly showed us houses every Friday for months. He was very patient and never pressured us into making an offer. Kelly stood by us as we lost 13 offers to cash buyers or people with better offers. We were about to give up on buying our own place, but Kelly encouraged us to keep looking.

Our 14th offer was finally accepted…HOWEVER, the seller’s agent was a realtor from hell!! She put us through the ringer every step of the way, but Kelly maintained his professionalism and helped us through the ordeal. He was always available to answer questions. Kelly treated us like first class clients, even though our budget was, as another agent put it, “not within her bandwidth”. I am glad Kelly became our agent. I can’t imagine any one doing this better. Thank you, Kelly!!
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